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Vertical integration for overall control

Most of the group's added value comes from the parent company and its subsidiaries.

Schneider Consumer Group, the prime contractor

Schneider Consumer Group centralises the strategic teams in charge of conception, design, marketing and sales. It is here that those projects are initiated to lead to the creation of all of our brands' products.

We count on our 3 subsidiaries for manufacturing and quality control.

Schneider Consumer Asia,
for manufacturing management

Schneider Consumer Asia's mission is to develop products designed in France, to supervise subcontracting and to manage maritime logistics. Its adaptability and flexibility enables it to guarantee its customers that deadlines are met. Its mission also includes Quality Control, provided by its subsidiary, Schneider Consumer Inspection.

Schneider Consumer Inspection,
to control quality

Schneider Consumer Inspection is a subsidiary of Schneider Consumer Asia. Composed of engineers and inspectors, it draws up quality specifications and then checks that they are compliant. All of the Group's production is monitored by its employees. In conjunction with Schneider Consumer Services, it also ensures that subcontractors implement any technical changes. It is also responsible for ensuring compliance with international environmental and social regulations.

Schneider Consumer Services,
to provide solutions

This subsidiary provides pre-sales service for all the Group's brands, analysing the products in detail according to our criteria of simplicity and durability. Schneider Consumer Services works closely with Schneider Consumer Inspection ahead of production, in order to track any returns to our subcontractors and to modify our products if required.

It is also in charge of the Group's After-Sales service. It communicates closely with other subsidiaries to ensure that the improvements recommended by the technical reports are implemented, ensuring optimal quality and service.

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